Sunday, 26 July 2015

I See The Sea, And The Sea Sees Me


So, last week (from Monday to Thursday), my Ranger Guide unit went on an amazing holiday to the coast - as a joint 'welcome' (for the new girls who've recently joined the unit), and 'farewell' (for the 3 of us who'll be leaving in September). 

The theme of the camp was 'Harry Potter', so (obviously) we stayed in a Ranger House that had a cupboard under the stairs (albeit a very dusty, spider-filled cupboard under the stairs), and on the first night were sorted into houses (Gryffindor or Ravenclaw - there were only 9 of us!!) and made gowns and little owls, and then had a feast...

We even had a 'Harry Potter' themed quiz, created by our (very competitive) leader, and even though 5 of the girls knew next to nothing about the theme, everyone did really well (and had a laugh, which is all you could ever hope for, really!).

There was even a trunk in one of the bedrooms with 'L.C. Snape' etched into it. We didn't even bring it with us.
I think I'm safe to call it fate.

The house than we stayed in. It was really apt for the Harry Potter vibe of the camp!!

On Tuesday we had a leisurely morning, then drove down to a beach about 15 minutes from where we were staying. Although it wasn't a ridiculously hot day, it was just about warm enough to pull off knee-length shorts and go wave-jumping in the sea (although we did have our raincoats in the car, just in case!). By the time we were leaving, the weather was lovely, so we headed off to the local seaside town for some ice cream and a bit of retail therapy.

We started off on the pier, where we saw a newly-married couple taking their wedding photos (obviously we cheered and congratulated them. A lot.), then headed off to the lifeboat station to ogle the lifeboat. To be honest, we were all a bit sad that we didn't see it in action :(

Then, we 'older' girls stopped off at an ice cream parlour.
One of my friends is lactose intolerant, so I decided to join her (and one of our other friends) in having a sorbet.
And it was seriously amazing!!
Strawberry sorbet, lemon sorbet, fresh strawberries and kiwi

 In the evening, we had a barbeque in the garden behind the house, and then started up a campfire - where we toasted marshmallows, and ate s'mores, and shared jokes until the sun went down...

Collecting wood for the campfire

I came across this quaint little stream when I was collecting wood  
in the little forest behind the house

On Wednesday morning, we went to a farm that had fruit fields, and went strawberry and raspberry picking. It was really fun, and incredibly therapeutic!!

Strawberries! They were delicious!!

We then headed off to a popular surfing beach for a 2-hour surf lesson. None of us had ever been surfing before, so we were all a bit terrified - but we needn't have been, as the instructors were soooo nice, and the lesson was amazing. Although none of us actually managed to stand up on the board, it was really nice to body-board in the sea, and have a laugh. I managed to catch some good waves, and paddle in a straight line - so life was good!! (I wasn't expecting to be able to stand up on the board on land, so anything more was a definite bonus!!)

I don't have any pictures of the surfing, unfortunately, because I left my phone in my leader's car! :(

But, let's just say, one of my leaders has a great photo of me and my friend doing some impromptu 'Baywatch'-style slow-mo running, in wetsuits!!

So, although this holiday was a lot more chilled than regular camp, it gave us a lot more bonding-time as a group. So many inside jokes have been formulated (particularly from an incredibly amazing charades-like game called 'The Name Game' - which is definitely our new favourite game!!), we laughed so hard, and - more importantly than anything - we became closer friends.

And that's all we could ever have asked for.


  1. That's cool. Who don't want to live for a while like Harry Potter? Now, after reading your post about Ice cream with strawberrys, my belly is saying loud that he want's one.