Sunday, 19 October 2014

Happy Birthday Teenage Blogger Central! (TBC Blog Party Tag)

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1. What made you decide to take up blogging, and what inspires you to write till today?

 I decided to start this blog in 2013 during my HUGELY LONG summer holidays after finishing my GCSEs.  I'd come across a book that I won in a competition when I was younger called '101 Things to do before you're old and boring' and I decided that I'd finally get around to doing some of them! One of them was - obviously - to write a blog so - ta-daah! - the blog was born.

I'm inspired to write by so many other blogs and bloggers, but also by any random happenings in my life that I tend to write/rant/whittle on about in my posts!

2. How did you find and register on TBC? Did you find it helpful and worth recommending to others? 

Even though I didn't register until about October 2013 (on my old URL) and earlier in 2014 (on my current URL), I came across TBC before I'd even properly set up my blog (so, mid-July 2013?)  I was in awe and envy at all the amazing teenage blog talent on the site, and still feel passionately that everyone at TBC have done such an amazing job with the site, and it has helped me so so much with my blogging, so thank you!!!

3. What awesome blogs have you found through TBC? Link them up! 

There are SO many incredible blogs that I've found through TBC, so I apologise for missing anyone out!

1. A Glimpse Of Blue
2. Sempiternal Reader
3. The Fence of Stars
4. Lyn Loves Wolves
5. EPB Art
6. A Teenager's Guide To The Galaxy

4. What do you like best about when you connect with other bloggers your age?  

I find it really nice that my posts are often relevant to other bloggers my age, and vice versa. I think it's probably easier to connect with other teenagers, because our issues and embarrassments are often similar, and it's so nice to find people who share the same interests as you.

5. What do you hope to achieve through your blog?  

Mainly just to inspire people to write regardless of who they are or where they're from.

6. How do you say “Happy Birthday Teenage Blogger Central” in your language? 

Penblwydd Hapus Canolfan Blogio i bobl ifanc!
(Word-by-Word translation: Birthday Happy Centre Blogging for People Young)

So all that's left for me to say is: Penblwydd Hapus Teenage Blogger Central!!!!!


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