Friday, 21 August 2015

Here I Discuss Two Starkly Contrasting Things

1. I watched a really awesome TV drama the other day, called 'Don't Take My Baby'. It was a scripted/acted programme, but inspired by a true case of two disabled parents and their young baby, and explores the world of the thousands of children born to disabled parents in the UK each year - a world that, I must guiltily admit, I'd never really considered.

The mother (Anna) had a rare muscle-wasting condition (diagnosed when she was 2, and told ever since that she has 'two years' to live) and was confined to a wheelchair, and the father (Tom) a genetic degenerative sight condition which rendered him partially sighted (and, ultimately, almost completely blind).
I admit, my description makes this programme sound really bleak and dreary, but it's not.
Rather than only focusing on the negative impacts and effects of disability, it explores the positives.

A couple's marvellous determination to keep and raise their child.

And even though I was aware that they were actors, I could help but root for the characters of Anna and Tom - and for baby Danielle. Their determination to live independent lives in spite of their disabilities (Tom - although with limited eyesight - was Anna's primary carer) made me feel for these thousands of parents, unsure whether they will ever get to care for their baby ever again.

And, there were definitely light moments. Tom drunkenly announcing to Anna (when they first meet at a party) that they should skinny-dip in a swimming pool. Tom building Anna a "computer changing table" (basically just a computer table with a bit of wood sawn off) so that she could feed and change Dani....

Neither character saw each other as disabled, but as parents - with Tom announcing bluntly: "I'm Tom, and I'm a father. This is Anna, and she's a mother".

Two strong characters, played by two strong actors, in a programme that manages to somewhat over-ride the stigma and prejudices that often come as part of the term 'disability'.


2. In stark contrast, apparently Calvin Harris is dating Taylor Swift??! Like, the ACTUAL Taylor Swift.

Anyone else still remember him from Dizzee Rascal's 'Dance Wiv Me' video, back in 2008 [Was it only released in the UK???]
What happened to the mildly awkward guy with the floppy fringe and slightly wonky teeth?


You could cut diamonds on his abs now.*

*Not literally, though. The scientist inside me is screaming out. Human abs CANNOT break a diamond.


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