Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tinos, Tanning and Tzatziki


So, I arrived home from Greece Saturday afternoon, and it was incredible! We spent 9 days in a little village called Kardiani on Tinos island, where we renovated 2 paths - one leading down from the village to a beach, and another one next to an old marble fountain. The work was hard, particularly because of the heat and humidity - which we're not really used to here in the UK - but was definitely worth it, and the locals were all so lovely, and thankful for what we'd done for their village!

This was my 1st proper volunteering project, but it's really made me incredibly determined to volunteer more - by making me realise that I get joy out of helping others!

We then spent 2 days in Athens, where we visited the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, Syntagma Square, and the beach...  It was really nice to experience both sides of the spectrum - first a small village (with less than 60 people), then a bustling city!

Here are some pictures I took during the project:

The first section of the path to the beach, after being cleared

This is a small section of the path by the fountain which we were clearing


Sunset from the roof of our hostel in Athens

The view from the hostel

The Parthenon
At the Acropolis
At the Acropolis

Our pots, made in a little village called Aetofolia
Remains of a temple dedicated to Zeus

Even though I was in Greece for 2 weeks, I have barely tanned. I'm still almost as pale as I was just before I went out there... My mum's determined that they left me behind in London!!! 

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