Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I touched the top of the world...

It's been almost a month, and I'm so incredibly sorry...
I've been meaning to post for a while, but between Mandarin Week in school, and writing my Personal Statement, and Uni conventions, I've just lost track of time. 

So, on Saturday, a group of us climbed Mount Snowdon (the tallest mountain in Wales and England) to raise money for Greece - 12 days and counting! - and my friend C's trip to Zambia (which took us about 9 and three-quarter hours altogether (including standing around in a car park, and lunch at the summit)).

It was an amazing experience, even if my legs were like jelly yesterday, and we camped in the rain, and one of our tents was missing a pole... The summit was incredible, and we were lucky enough to climb on a day where it was sunny, and we could see all the views (which is very rare)...

My friend's 4-year-old sister (who travelled up and back on the steam train) got really excited when her grandmother told her that they'd touched the top of the world.  She just went around to everyone screaming "Hello, I touched the top of the world".
It was so cute!

And this evening, I actually went for a jog.  Well, it was only from the post box about two minutes from my house, but I'm quite impressed by my impromptu "I-think-I-actually-fancy-a-jog" mood.  That's never happened before.
I'm normally more of a walker than a jogger, but y'know, fresh start and all that???


  1. That sounds like it must have been an incredible experience!! And Greece sounds amazing too! Are you going to take pictures whilst you're there? :)

  2. Hi Sarah! It sure was! And yes, I'll be taking LOADS of photos. I'll make a post about it too when I get back :)