Friday, 22 May 2015

Last Day Blues


So, although I don't finish my exams until mid-June, today was officially my last day of secondary (high) school. [I'm not normally one for self-promotion, but if you guys want to learn more about school life in Wales, here's a little something I wrote for Teenage Blogger Central's 'Senior Year Around The World']

This afternoon, we had a little party, with music and cakes and crisps - and we signed each others' shirts and notebooks, and took loads of pictures, and reminisced about our time together...

So, as you'd probably expect, today has been a really emotional day - a time to say one final 'goodbye' to a place that's been my home for the last 7 years, before I (*fingers crossed*) leave, and start my new life as a university student.
But, days like these are always ones to reflect on past memories - so, although I'm really excited to leave, I also don't want to go!!!

And that's what's made this post so difficult to write - even though it should be a pretty simple thing to sum up. The fact that - although I thought I was - I'm not quite ready to admit that it's almost over. That close to a decade of my life is coming to an end.

That in four months, I'll be a minimum 5-and-a-half-hour train ride away from my best friends.
And I'm really going to miss them.

But I'm also so excited for this new chapter. For a chance to study the course I want to study, and do what I want to do...
To make new friends (but obviously still keep in touch with the old!), to gain new experiences, to kick-start my future...

So although I'm in two minds, I always knew that this part of my life wouldn't be forever. And although it's hard, it's what I need to do.

As someone wrote in my notebook earlier today - "We'll always have our memories. Don't ever forget those memories".

And, as soppy as it seems, I really hope I don't.


Afterthought: My mum cried more than me when she read the comments people have written in my notebook. It's a happy-sad day for all!!!

How I would feel if I didn't still have 5 exams to sit!

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