Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Clarinetting My Way to the US of A (well, not quite)...

I'm going to Paris! Yaaay!

I've been playing clarinet in my county's Senior Wind Band for the last year or so, and on Friday we're going on tour! To Paris! For four days! And we're going to Disneyland!

I don't actually care too much about Disneyland, but I'm really looking forward to playing in Paris - I've never played outside of my school or local area before, so that should be fun. And the band is serious, which is awesome, so I feel like I'm actually achieving something musically by going there!

I have been abroad before - with my family - but not without (unless you count going to England abroad; you DO have to cross a channel!), so I'm actually really looking forward. And hopefully I'll get to meet new people. Maybe. If I can pluck up the courage to speak to them. Which isn't very likely. I am getting better, though; I'm not so socially awkward anymore (if I say so myself)...
AND I now have a French GCSE to my name. Hopefully.

Well, anyway, the clarinet is finally getting a well-deserved holiday!!!

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