Thursday, 25 July 2013

Home Sweet Home

Paris was awesome! I mean absolutely, positively, genuinely awesome!
The performances were amazing, especially at Jardin Du Luxembourg. So many people stopped to watch and listen to us, and then gave so much positive feedback. A woman came up to me and my friend and congratulated us and we had a lovely conversation about music and the weather!
We even ended up playing an encore of one of the best songs I think I have ever played on the clarinet - called 'Instant Concert' - the smile on my face at the end of it was worth seeing!!!

It's nice to be home, though. I don't tend to get homesick anymore, but I love my house and I love my family!
And then I'm off again on Saturday - camping in Nottingham for a week!
They'll forget what I look like by the time I'm back...

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