Thursday, 31 October 2013

Musician's Review #2 - The April Maze

I decided to post another Musician's Review today out of a pure need of procrastination love of all things musical...

The April Maze are a Independent British/Australian alternative-folk duo based in Melbourne, Australia, consisting of married couple Todd Mayhew and Sivan Agam.

I happened to come across this duo via Spotify earlier this year and instantly fell in love with their beautiful harmonies and vocals - in particular Todd Mayhew's occasional 'whisky-voice', which - in contrast to many male 'gravel' voices seems relatively soothing and natural to the ear.

Though this time last year they were relatively unheard of, The April Maze's popularity grew almost overnight as a result of Spotify's Top 100 Most Popular New Releases playlist, and since then they have toured excessively throughout Australia, Britain and are currently on the road in Canada.

One simple reason to listen to - and enjoy - The April Maze is the fact that they don't care what anyone else thinks. They bring a breath of fresh air to
the music scene, incorporating every strength and releasing every emotion into their music (their song 'Two Dogs' uses the exact wording of their wedding vows) in order to tell a story; their story, that can only be told through music...

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