Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Who Am I?

"Anonymity is the truest expression of altruism." - Eric Gibson

I like being anonymous.
To anyone reading this blog - in passing, or just generally - I can't really express myself aloud. I always say the wrong things, or say the right things that get perceived in the wrong way, or just don't say anything at all.

And I know it sounds clich├ęd, but my greatest form of expression is through writing. It's a sort of escapism - if I get the balance right, I can just let myself go, and not feel afraid to be who I want to be, and not who I feel that I need to be.

It's like writing this blog. Ok, so maybe I'm not the best blog-writer in the universe. And I may not be able to post incredibly witty remarks or interesting talents or anything like that, but what I can do is express myself. And, Ok, maybe it's boring. Maybe I'm not destined to write a blog, but hey, if fate persuaded me to start this thing, then I hope that I can do it justice.

And, yes, I enjoy being anonymous. I enjoy the fact that I can write these things and not feel like I'll fail someone by posting them. This blog is an outlet, and anonymity keeps it this way.

So who am I?
I'm whoever you want me to be.
See me as a blank canvas, a half-empty page, a character in an unfinished book... I don't mind.
I have so much to learn, and so much more to tell.


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