Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Knight in Shining Armour (or something...)

Hello! A belated Merry Christmas to all! Hope you've had a lovely time (even to any of you who don't celebrate Christmas - it's always nice to be happy! - see last post!) and are now overfed on turkey and mince pies and Quality Street tins that keep on appearing from nowhere.

I know I am.

I don't know why I'm showing you a picture of my Christmas dinner, but, hey, here's a picture of my Christmas dinner. Enjoy.

Anyway, my dearest apologies for being away for so long.  But I have no school for another 9 days, so hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit more! (But just in case, here's a long 'un to keep you occupied. Maybe. Probably not.)

Right, to the "My knight in shining armour" bit.
I feel quite embarrassed, but I really feel that I must get this off my chest, and even if no-one else actually reads this post I'll have got it out in the open.
Anyway. I'm not really the kind of girl boys flock to. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with that, but sometimes when I'm sat with my friend and some guy starts flirting with her I end up sitting there like a third wheel, because I'm that geeky girl who they only talk to when they need help with coursework or have nothing better to do.

Ok, so I do have friends that are male. One of my best friends is a guy. But it's not the same having friends that are guys and actually feeling comfortable around a guy.  But I always thought that I was better around guys than girls. I tend to find it easier talking to the male species. Probably because they don't constantly bicker about one another and because I'm really good at ranting. Oh, and I like rugby. And cricket. So screaming at a bunch of guys on a rugby field apparently doesn't count as normal female behaviour. Nor does understanding how to score in a cricket match. Even if you do think that Alastair Cook is almost too gorgeous for words.

Alastair Cook
Photo courtesy of

So, a few months ago I was chosen to represent my school as part of a team in this Science-y/ Engineer-y project where you have to come up with an idea (in our case, we're considering methods of generating electricity) and at the end of it all hopefully get a Crest Gold Award.  And me being me, I ended up in a team made up of three others - all AS Physics and Maths students. So they're the really smart ones and I'm the little one (literally) in the corner taking English Lit. and Psychology who got chosen because she said "I really like equations" (which, to be fair, is true) to her old GCSE Physics teacher in the interview.

As part of the project we have to do field work, and though I go camping every summer and walking with my dad and really like the outdoors, for some unknown reason, on that one day my brain decided that, oh no it wouldn't behave like it regularly does, but instead make me incredibly clumsy and lack more common sense than I normally lack (which, if you want to know, is a lot)

So, long-story-short, I almost fell into a river. Actually make that two rivers. And a waterfall.


And long-story-even-shorter, he saved me from falling into two rivers. And a waterfall.

Which, normally - had I known the guy - would've been fine. Well, even if I didn't know the guy I would've thanked him for saving me from falling into a waterfall. And stuff...
But, oh no, my brain decided that normal just wasn't happening. Even when he - let's call him 'M' - even when M literally swept me off my feet to stop me falling into the first river. Then literally almost fell into the second river trying to stop me falling into it.
It was almost like a fairy tale, apart from the fact that I was more like Dumbo than Belle.
And even though I thanked him profusely for the next four hours or so, and he seemed fine about the fact that some girl that he hardly knew had landed in his arms twice and held his hand about four times, the fact that I hardly even knew him just made me not know how to react. And to make matters even more awkward, before that day I'd only ever spoken to him once.

Needless to say, that's one successful mode of team bonding...

On another note, my Sixth Form ball was on the 17th, which was quite exciting. We were in a Marriott hotel, with a three-course meal and professional photographer and a photo booth, and - contrary to my expectations - I actually really enjoyed myself.

To end this post (and I'm really sorry that it dragged!) I will leave you with this quote by one Martha Graham and say goodnight:

"You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost"


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