Saturday, 12 April 2014

Musician's Review #8 - José González

Today's Musician's Review is José González.
José González is a Swedish singer-songwriter of Argentine parentage, whose music is often described as verging on indie-folk.

His cover of Swedish band The Knife's 'Heartbeats', released in the UK in 2005 (in his native Sweden in 2003) had been lying unnoticed in my iTunes library for years, as I kind-of thought that it was some dodgy 'cheesy-disco-trance' thing (not that I'm in any way judging disco/trance music) because it was off a compilation CD that my mum bought me for Christmas when I was about 8 (and judging by some of the stuff I listened to when I was 8, I wouldn't be surprised if it was!)

Last year, however, I finally accidentally listened to the song whilst revising for my exams. I realised that I had no clue what the song was, and had never heard it before, but found its intricate guitar melody and haunting vocals incredibly beautiful.

I was shocked to find out that this beautiful song was in fact the supposed 'cheesy-disco-trance' thing, and then mentally kicked myself for not listening to it earlier.

(And the moral of the story is, listen to the darn song before judging it as 'cheesy-disco-trance')

Above is a video for José González's cover of 'Heartbeats'

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