Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Book Boyfriend Tag


So, today, I'll follow in the footsteps of the lovely Andrea (Sempiternal Reader) and Sarah (A Glimpse of Blue) and give my Top 5 Book Boyfriends.

This seemed relevant...

 Here we go...

1. Xavier (Halo series)

Xavier's the kind of character who seems completely genuine, and would make the most incredible boyfriend! He doesn't back down when his girlfriend Bethany's kidnapped and held hostage in Hell (yep), is absolutely hilarious, occasionally trés sarcastic, and says some of the cutest things I think I might ever have read:

“A man in love can do extraordinary things, I don’t care if you’re an angel, you’re my angel, and I won’t let you go.”  

“I'm afraid that's inappropriate behaviour for the schoolyard," Xavier teased. "I know my charm is hard to resist, but please try and control yourself.”  

“Did I mention I've finally decided on a nickname for you?"
"I didn't know you were looking."

"Cookie," I announced proudly.
"Do you have any cyanide?"
"Well, some of us are just a bit hard to please.”

Unfortunately there's no picture of this character ANYWHERE, and I can't draw, so feel free to use your imagination!!!

2.  Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter)

Let's just get something straight: I love Cedric Diggory!!!

He's probably my favourite Harry Potter character, and he's so brave and kind and smart, and basically everything I could want from a boyfriend.  Oh yeah, apart from the fact that he's dead (nice one, Voldemort (!))

Aww, he's just so nice - especially to Harry - considering that he basically got killed because of him...

Cedric: "Go on, take it! You saved me, take it!"
Harry: "We'll take it together."

The room I spend most of my time in when I'm at school had a Harry Potter sorting quiz, and split everyone into houses, and I was the only one who wanted to be in Hufflepuff because Cedric was in Hufflepuff and I was a little bit obsessed! (I actually ended up Head Girl of Ravenclaw, but I was originally sorted into Hufflepuff???!)

3.  Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games series)

I'm a Team Peeta over Team Gale ever since I first picked up the first book a few years ago. He's sweet and sensitive and kind, and cares so much for Katniss, but then isn't afraid to play his own game and use his talents to help himself.  And, come on, do you guys remember the cave-shelter?! Reading it was vivid enough - I haven't even got to that scene in the film yet! (I'd much rather the book to the film - I've had the first one on DVD for about 9 months and I still haven't finished it). 

4. Marcus "Radar" Lincoln (Paper Towns)

I don't really know why I like Radar.  He's not a main character, he doesn't really play any massive part in the book, but he seems really smart, and a good friend to Quentin and Ben, and I kind-of felt like I could relate to him when I read the book last summer.
Again, there isn't a picture of Radar anywhere, and I can't draw,
but here's a picture of an actor that http://thetoothpickchick.blogspot.co.uk/ thought
would make a great Radar!!!

5.  Tommy (Never Let Me Go)

Where can I start? Tommy basically embodies another perfect boyfriend for me - sweet, sensitive, not too brash and bold, a bit of an outsider... Ok, so he's from a dystopian sci-fi novella and he was created to be an organ donor, and my dad thought that both the book and the film were 'weird' (I do agree that parts of the film were significantly 'dulled down' compared to the strongly-dystopian book), but I found his character so genuine, and I felt for him so much, and I just wanted to hug him, really, through the whole book...

I don't tend to cry at books/films. I cried when I read about his breakdown in the cow field. I cried when I saw the exact same scene on film (minus the cow field):

"The moon wasn't quite full, but it was bright enough, and I could make out in the mid-distance, near where the field began to fall away, Tommy's figure, raging, shouting, flinging his fists and kicking out.
I tried to run to him, but the mud sucked my feet down. The mud was impeding him too, because one time, when he kicked out, he slipped and fell out of view into the blackness. But his jumbled swear-words continued uninterrupted, and I was able to reach him just as he was getting to his feet again. I caught a glimpse of his face in the moonlight, caked in mud and distorted with fury, then I reached for his flailing arms and held on tight. He tried to shake me off, but I kept holding on, until he stopped shouting and I felt the fight go out of him."

Oh, and Andrew Garfield - who plays Tommy in the film - is amazing! (And incredibly handsome!!!)

Yep, so these are my Top 5 Book Boyfriends.  Feel free to tag yourselves, and give it a go!!! You won't regret it - I promise!!!


  1. I enjoyed reading this! :D Team Diggory and Team Peeta! Whoop! Whoop! I finished Paper Towns last month and Ben was an absolute fave, but I do agree that Radar would be an awesome boyfriend. I haven't heard of Never Let Me Go 'til now and it seems really interesting. Definitely added to my reading list :)

  2. Thank you Andrea! And thank you for starting the trend - I actually really enjoyed compiling this, I didn't expect it to be so much fun :D