Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bow-ties are cool

So, it's half-term here with me, which means a week off school to catch up with sleep, and writing and friends...
I wish...
Instead, my half-term holiday will consist of:
  • endless revising
  •  a LOT of rain
  • more revising
  • more rain
I think you get my gist...

Anyway, Friday I'm going to a Briefing Weekend for my impending volunteer-based trip to Greece (more to come on this soon!) and I can't wait!

[Actually, I'm not completely excited, because the consent form I had to fill in mentioned 'outdoor cooking' - which is fine, as long as I don't have to do it, on a Trangia, by myself.  How I detest those things!!!]

And Jonathan Creek's back on Friday. I found this out yesterday and I got a wee bit excited.
Which is understandable... Alan Davies is cool. Detectives are cool. Windmills are cool.
What more do you need?!
(Apart from bow-ties, that is. Bow-ties are cool...)

Here's a short little trailer for Series 5 (I think?) for any fellow fans of the show (Creekians? Creeks? I dunno...) or any of you who fancy something a bit different...


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