Thursday, 27 February 2014

Musician's Review #6 - Lau

Yep. You read correctly. Today's Musician's Review is of Scottish/English contemporary folk band 'Lau'.
Residing in Edinburgh, Scotland - the band's name derives from an Orcadian word meaning 'natural light' - they are considered 'The UK's Best Live Band' by The Guardian, and have won the BBC Folk 'Best Group Award' four times.

And to make this band even cooler (well, to me anyway...) never before have I ever seen someone play both the piano and the accordion AT THE SAME TIME!

If you're into an experimental-folk kind-of-thing then check out their song 'Far from Portland':

And here's the band performing the incredible 'Ghosts'...
It's a bit of a long 'un, but is definitely worth it!


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