Saturday, 1 February 2014

...No, I am Spartacus!

So, Outnumbered is back! Yayayayayayay!

For those of you who don't know, Outnumbered is a British semi-improvised comedy drama based around a family - The Brockmans - and their daily lives.
And it was basically the only TV show I enjoyed when I was 12.
And it's absolutely hilarious.
And it hasn't been on British screens for a few years now, so finding out Monday that it was back on was nice!

Anyway, I was watching this program with my family Wednesday night, and I had a moment of complete deja-vu.
In one scene, the eldest son - Jake, who's 17 - was having a debate with his dad over some petty thing, and suddenly it dawned that he embodied me.

Ok, so as likely as it may be that the writers are kind-of evil space-aliens who have hacked into the Government's files and have all our details and picked me to base one of their characters on (I wish...), I just felt such a connection with all the things he said and did, and in a way it was kind-of a relief.

I spend quite a large proportion of my time at the moment having debates with my dad. Mostly about pointless things like where a certain cheese comes from, or whether darts is actually a sport (apparently, it is...) And sometimes I wonder whether it's normal.

Ok, I know loads of teenagers have arguments with their parents and stuff, but not over how Hitler's dog died, or whether there's a principality called Sealand (There is. Just off the coast of Suffolk. In the middle of the sea. It has a football team. Google it. Please?...)

And now I have my dad trying to get me to join some quiz/debate team thing. For a laugh.

Wish me luck...


P.S. For any of you questioning the relevance of the post's title...


  1. Outnumbered is so funny. Is it over for good now?

  2. Hi Ed! My friend told me the other day that it is. I really hope it isn't though.

    1. I think it might be, there was a big thing on their facebook page about it being the end. It's a shame. :(

  3. I know. They made such a big deal of it, gave us 6 episodes, then scrapped it. Typical BBC!

    1. It's a shame yeah. I suppose though that all the children were growing up so I guess they just want to quit while they're ahead before it runs out of steam. Still would have been good to get more