Saturday, 8 February 2014

Things To Do on a (Cold, Wet, Miserable) Saturday afternoon

So, today (for me at least) is a cold, wet, miserable Saturday afternoon.
The rain is hammering on my window. My neighbours' cats are getting wet. My neighbours' grandson is laughing at my neighbours' cats getting wet. 
It's just all happening here...

Anyway, if you're stuck for what to do - because, come on, what is there to do on a cold, wet, miserable Saturday afternoon? - here are some ways to beat those wet-weather blues:

1. Movie Marathon - Seriously, as much as this sounds like a cheesy Americanised pastime, movie marathons are actually incredibly fun.  Who doesn't like an excuse to get all soppy, snuggle up to that special someone (or cushion!) and eat shedloads of popcorn...

2. Make a Time Capsule - Something to look back on in 10, 15 years time. A way to pass the time, incredible fun and a walk down memory lane. What's not to love?...

3. Go camping, indoors - Come on, you know you want to... get those blankets out, and release your inner-child. You won't regret it!

4. Cook something new - Whether you're the most experienced cook, or a complete novice, dust off those cookbooks and leave your comfort zone...  Gain experience, broaden your palate, and, more than likely, it'll be healthier - which means you'll feel better for it, too!

5. Write - Anything. A story, a poem, a song, a blog post. Anything. Just write!

Et voila! I hope that these ideas may be of some benefit to you on any future rainy day.
And feel free to comment with any ideas of your own - how do you like to spend the rainy days?

Bye for now,


  1. These are some cute ideas! Next time a rainy day hits I'll be well prepared. I especially like the sound of indoor camping. My habits aren't as creative/healthy. But something I like to do on a rainy day is sit down with a small bowl of Ramen. Sure hits the spot! Haha.
    -Riley XO

  2. Thank you so much! My habits aren't normally creative/healthy either, but it's raining so much here at the moment that doing nothing isn't even an option anymore, haha!