Sunday, 30 March 2014

Musician's Review #7 - Michael Kiwanuka

I enjoy folk music. I enjoy the instruments that are played and the vibe that is felt, and folk to me almost always sounds like folk.

Michael Kiwanuka is a folk artist. But not a conventional folk artist. Merging soulful vocals with folk-y melodies, Kiwanuka has clearly set the bar for the new generation of neo-folk talents embracing the British stage.

Released in 2012, Kiwanuka's debut album 'Home Again' is no disappointment. Sweet melodies are counter-balanced by brass bands and orchestras (namely his track ‘I’ll Get Along’), and – at 26 years old – his voice is wise beyond its years.

However, his uniqueness and ability to perform exceptionally both live and in the studio sets him well apart - a young man, seemingly certain of the direction he's heading, and of the destination he is hoping to arrive.

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