Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sorry to tell you this...but the bus is broken...

So today I'm working off about 5 hours sleep.

Yesterday I went on an trip to Coventry to watch a play with my AS English class.
So, to put this into perspective, Coventry's about 3 and a quarter hours from where I live.
And the play started at 7.30pm.
And lasted for 2 and a half hours.
And I didn't get home until 3.10am.

Hang on, you may be thinking, wouldn't a 3 hour journey mean that you got home at 1.15am?
And to answer your question, yes, ordinarily it would.
But, oh no, this was not destined to be an ordinary trip.

Firstly, our bus broke. The play finished and we went out to meet the bus and our teacher came up to us with a concerned look and announced: "Guys, I'm sorry to tell you this... but the bus has broken".
In Coventry.
On a street practically in the middle of nowhere.
At 10 o'clock at night.

So we trooped back into the theatre and sat in the bar for 35-minutes waiting for a call from our bus driver.

Then we had to walk through the streets of Coventry to a car park where the driver was parked.

The battery died. And the driver had to call the RAC man to fix it.
Which may or may not have been because of a certain film that a certain group of people had watched on a certain 3 hour trip (But, to be fair, it was a pretty good film)

And then, there were diversions on the M50, which meant we had to divert down lots of winding roads in Worcestershire/Gloucestershire/Herefordshire (which, had it been light enough to see, probably was the scenic route). 

But I have to admit - to be fair - it was quite a bit of fun.


  1. Yikes. :P That sounds like that would have been quite the night! I remember last month I went on a four and a half hour bus trip and our driver stopped for a "ten minute break" about two hours away from where I had to get off. 50 minutes later, we're all still sitting in the immobile bus. It turns out that the three bus drivers that all drove the same bus company had messed up their schedules and routes. Which resulted in me getting home like an hour and a half later than was scheduled. xD
    Where is Coventry? It's a really cool name, kinda medieval sounding...

  2. Oh no! I think that tops mine! At least I knew that I was getting home eventually!!!

    Coventry's in middle-ish England, and I think it's quite medieval. I didn't see any medieval-ish things, but I went to Warwick (which is a town next door) with my family before and THAT'S quite medieval. It has a really cool castle and everything!!! :D