Saturday, 24 May 2014

My Enjoyments in Life


Any tea. Anything.
I love tea.
I probably love tea almost as much as I love my best friend.

He is aware of this.

I think my obsession started through Guides. I probably drink on average 1.5 mugs of tea every Thursday evening, and more whenever I'm camping.

 I'm easily pleased...

Folk Music

As you probably already know, I'm a bit of a folk-fan. I don't know when I really started enjoying this kind of music, but it's now an enjoyment of mine. 

Friends and Family

In typically clichéd fashion, I can't compile this list without including these wonderful people. Although I may not show it all the time - and I may not say it to their faces - but I really do love them, and thank them for everything they've done for me.

And now I sound like I've just gone and won an Oscar...

Using My Imagination

My parents say that, ever since I could, I've been writing, and making up stories.  Over the last few years, this hasn't quite been the case (Writer's Block is both a hindrance and a curse!) but I find that there's always something circling in my head - a half-there idea; a character; a plot line...

I also have this annoying - yet often highly entertaining -  tendency to people-watch/make-up-stories-about-people-in-Tesco.

'Tis great, until they start to realise what you're doing...

The Countryside

I live in the countryside, so it's a comfort to me. I like little quaint villages in the middle of nowhere, and public footpaths, and knowing my neighbours.  There are only 6 cities in the whole of my country, so most of the land is mountainous and un-urban. 


I really love languages. 
They're a great passion of mine, for some strange, unknown reason...

I speak 2 languages fluently, and can speak a bit of French - and would love to learn more. 
My dream is to be able to communicate with people from other countries in their languages, rather than depending on them understanding mine.

One of my friends is a massive linguist, and I really envy his talent for languages.

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