Saturday, 24 May 2014

Aujourd-hui, je me sens trés français (a.k.a. Musician's Review #9 - We Were Evergreen)

Today I'm feeling very French.
(Or, as the French would say, aujourd-hui, je me sens trés français...)

Anyway, keeping up with the theme, today's Musician's Review is We Were Evergreen, an "indie-electro-pop trio" from Paris, France.

These are definitely a band to put on any summer playlist - their music is very summery and light, making use of ukuleles and mini xylophones and shakers that look like apples...

Although originally from France, the band have crossed the Channel to the UK, making waves in both countries; particularly with their song Leeway (which reached Number 6 in the French charts!) :
And here are We Were Evergreen with 'Penguins and Moonboots'.
And the video's also incredibly cool - which is a bonus!

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