Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Dear... Me

Dear 12 year old Me,

Hi, how are you?

So, although the point of writing a letter to your former self is pretty tedious, and defies the laws of the universe, I myself am a tedious person, therefore today I will be David Tennant and use my TARDIS to write a letter to you - my 12 year old self.

Firstly, just as a bit of a forewarning, don't fall into that hedge in Cross-country.
It will hurt.
A lot.
Don't say I didn't warn you...

Also, stop being so worried about what others think of you. Ignore them - soon enough you'll realise that the people who truly mean something to you won't laugh at you, or call you names. They'll be there for you through everything; so stick it out and you'll find them eventually.

And, don't wait for your best friend to discover rock music before you show people the 'real' you. Embrace who you are, don't make the mistake of trying to fit in with the crowd.  People appreciate you more if you're honest; sometimes it pays to be different!

Although brief, I just want you to know that whatever you do, it'll be Ok. You'll be Ok...

I don't know if this letter's actually accomplished anything, but I feel happy now, so all's good!
Forever You xx



  1. I love doing this, think about what I would tell my younger self if I had the chance. :)
    Do you ever write letters to yourself in the future?

  2. I've written one letter - I put it in a box as part of a time-capsule a few years ago, but that's about it. After writing this, though, I think I'll have to write a few more :)

  3. They're fun to write. I think I have about five of them now that I've opened over the years. :)
    Btw, I've nominated you for the Liebster award. All the details are on my blog. :)