Saturday, 10 May 2014

That post where the obscure Brit explains her love for American Football...


So, today's post will only be a relatively short one, because my exams start next week and my mind's been predominantly focused on revision and fundraising nights for Greece - hence why I haven't posted for a while!

Anyway, onto the post...

I'm not American, and I don't tend to watch much NFL, but I have a bit of a thing for College Football.  It could be because I watched the whole 5 seasons of 'Friday Night Lights' a few years ago, but I watched a few games on TV last year and kind of got into it.

So, today's the 3rd day of the NFL Draft, where college juniors/seniors from around the USA get drafted into NFL teams.  I find the concept really cool - apparently it's quite a big deal and I've been told that it's a bit like an X Factor concept (I don't like X Factor, but the concept sounds cool!).  I've really wanted to watch it, but apparently the only way I properly can is by some slightly illegal websites that I don't fancy trying, so...

Anyway. the team I always tended to see play (by complete chance) were the Arizona Wildcats, from University of Arizona.

And, a few weeks ago, I found out that their star Running Back/junior/my favourite player, Ka'Deem Carey, was on the draft.

And a few minutes ago, I found out that he was picked, fourth round, for Chicago Bears.  Which means, next season (hopefully), he'll be playing proper, full-fledged NFL-standard football. 
Which I think is pretty darn epic!

In other news, Eurovision's on tonight (yayyayyayyay!). 
Sorry revision, but you can wait...

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