Tuesday, 14 July 2015

10 Songs That Are Beautiful (Links Included)

1. When The Right One Comes Along - Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio   (Thank you Nashville!)

2. Hero - Family of the Year   (The perfect song for a summer road trip soundtrack)

3. Flaws and Ceilings - Frank Hamilton and Lauren Aquilina   (Listened to this song alone in a university room at 7am, and cried)

4. Thorns - Charlie Simpson     (Ditto.)

5. Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez    (This song gives me shivers every time)

6. Old Pine - Ben Howard   (Best intro I've ever heard!)

7. Tiger Striped Sky - Roo Panes  (I envy this man's song-writing talent)

8. Give Up - Low Roar  (This song is so magnificently beautiful and expressive)

9. I'll Keep You Safe - Sleeping At Last   ('You are an artist, and your heart is your masterpiece... I'll keep it safe...')

10. Monsters - Angus Powell   (Apparently he's just as good live as he is recorded. Which I believe, because this guy's voice is incredible)

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