Wednesday, 1 July 2015

First Ever Binge Watch

Hello! How are you guys?

So, now that exams are over (and I'm a free bird), I've been using my time productively by (kind-of) binge-watching the incredible TV series 'Nashville'.
Source: Huffington Post

The series started back in 2012, but I only became properly aware of it about a month or two ago, when I saw the advertisement for Series 3 (it's become a lot more advertised since it's moved TV channel this year!), but I waited until the end of my exams before giving it a go. Y'know, in case I got obsessed or something...

And then on Saturday (thanks to my mum, who had a midlife crisis and decided to switch TV package a month or so ago) I realised that I could actually watch all 3 series of this show on boxset whenever I wanted.  (I'm actually surprised just how excited I am about this. I'm not even a massive TV fan. I always get criticised by my friends for not having seen certain films/TV series).

So, basically, 'Nashville' is a TV series set in Nashville, Tennessee (*points for creativity*) based around the lives of fictional country-music artists Rayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes, chronicling the ups-and-downs of their careers, personal lives, and the lives of those around them.

Trust me, it's a lot more exciting than it sounds.

And the music is incredible - as someone who wasn't quite sure where I stood on country music a week ago, I've definitely found my feet in the genre!

As I've probably mentioned before, actually hate long periods of doing nothing - there's nothing more that I'd love to do right now than be in France, or Iceland, or back in Tinos, doing something - but so far, my job search has been unsuccessful, and I can't really go too many places on a bus from my village, and I don't drive...

So, instead of actually, y'know, being productive, I've spent the last 5 days of my life watching 16 episodes of 'Nashville'.  16! Never before have I ever watched so many episodes of one series in such a short period of time. Ok, so I did fast-forward some scenes that I found a bit 'meh'-y, but that's still a lot of 'Nashville' in not a lot of time.

For the first time in my life, I have officially binge-watched.

And, although I do actually feel guilty about it, it also did feel pretty good.

...I'm not going to be making a habit out of it though (*presses play on episode 17*)...

Afterthought: I found my perfect volunteer project yesterday. It's in Iceland, travelling 1,700km across the country, making/editing/producing a video documentary (as a group) about life in Iceland (etc.).  Trouble is, it's next week (so, a bit short notice), and I wouldn't be back until the 20th July (and I'm going camping on the 20th of July).
I'm surprised just how sad I am that I can't go on this project. :(

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